Listening to owls

through windows

They call

& say to one another

"reflect the glory &

see the expanse

of night, time & space"

Crickets stay late

& rise early

they care

w/ a listening fascination

and offer you

books of sound

Watching & waiting

like bears

in rivers

staircase trees

motion Summer

bright and cheerescent


the sky



red leaves


green leaves

be blessed

log cabin holder

hot chocolate deliverer

be blessed

the sky —

a peony blue

I found a nest

& two

broken eggs

watching a bee hover

over a honeysuckle field

I'm learning from children

how to see

A world of salt

sheets of water

& mountain lions jumping through

softest glow

touches down

golden white

A garden in a jar

The wind

gets started

with the breeze

more open meadows

and places near tall trees

it is best to carry

the clouds by hand

ants congregate near wood doors

blowing with the breeze

they are strong

& very light

I am

a beautiful garment

steady as a note

open & bright

gospel laden

delighted in the Presence

to hold a bird

— this is my wish

gray & brown feathers

neatly placed

an oven

a stove

a pot over fire


a pastry

a stone warm enough

to bake bread on

shape + mold

my emotional


this bathtub

holds space

and time

I reckon

I am an anchor

A pack of doves

waiting for you

small keys of copper

create instruments

that open

houses drawn in houses

white pages

white robes

drawn & set by yellow flowers

branches weave

a new song

hedges of green

magenta blooms

white roses

& red peonies

I long to see a bear!

in smoke

at the beginning of a day



fashion & truth

seaglass & sea whales

punching through waves

nomadic & true

My sister

& I

laughing and laughing and laughing

(death has lost its sting)

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